01. Bob Dylan When the ship comes in
02. Fog Pneumonia
03. Yura Yura Teikoku Nai!!
04. Thom Yorke All For The Best
05. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto Aurora
06. Gidon Kremer, Keith Jarrett – Pärt Fratres
07. Philip Glass In The Upper Room: Dance IX
08. Bogdan Raczynski Goodfellas
09. Aphex Twin Nanou 2
10. Syd Barrett Love Song

robert wyatt

01. LES DOUBLE SIX sweets
02. LES DOUBLE SIX naima
03. LES DOUBLE SIX westwood walk
04. LES DOUBLE SIX a night in tunisia
05. LES DOUBLE SIX a ballad
06. LES DOUBLE SIX scrapple from the apple
07. LES DOUBLE SIX boplicity
08. LES DOUBLE SIX moanin’
09. LES DOUBLE SIX fascinating rythm
10. LES DOUBLE SIX walkin’ (un tour au bois)

“ to emphasise their importance, i’m suggesting ten tracks from one record: LES DOUBLE SIX ( on bmg france/rcaVictor) i leave them in the correct sequence . These are on ac cd  re-issue of two original lps. the rhythm sections include  daniel humair [drums] and georges avanitas [piano].

mimi perrin  and her friends  digested what was already great instrumental music  and  found the human voice  inside. it had been done before  and has been done since.but les double six,with their comprehensive thoroughness, epitomise this craft at its inspiring (to me) peak.

i know perfectly well that younger people will find my list anachronistic: but it illustrates  that  fifty years ago, before Lennon et all the cultural cross-traffic between  england  and the continent was a much more two-way traffic.  some of us turned at least as much to paris as to the united states,for example . . . . .(particularly in art and philosophy of course).

(clint eastwood once said the united states had made but two real contributions to world culture: [western] films  and jazz.[actually his son kyle is a very good jazz musician i think-] but since  other countries have produced films at least as excellent as the u.s., that just leaves jazz ! anyway. . . .i just wanted to remind myself of the brilliant inspiration that was  mimi p – – –

it’s not just nostalgia[though that’s part of it of course]- i am still stunned by  6+6′s disciplined chutzpa!

Salam! robert Y@ ”

sonic boom

01. RED CRAYOLA former reflections enduring doubt
02. JOY DIVISION  shadowplay
03. PANDA BEAR comfy in nautica
04. STEREOLAB tomorrow is already here
05. 13TH FLOOR ELEVATOR reverberation
06. PERE UBU final solution
07. LAURIE ANDERSON the big top
08. MISSA LUBA sanctus
09. BO DIDDLEY great grandfather
10. THE TORNADOS telstar
11. DANIEL JOHNSTON true love will find you in the end

robert longo

01. SEX PISTOLS god save the queen
02. FEAR i don’t care about you
03. ISLEY BROTHERS twist and shout
04. JANIS JOPLIN piece of my heart
05. THE BEATLES love me do
06. ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND whipping post
07. SCHUBERT ich grolle nicht
08. TOM WAITS falling down
09. THE RAMONES california sun
10. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART ice cream for crow

tom sachs

01. THE SMITHS heaven knows i’m miserable now
02. THE DOORS the end
03. DEAD KENNEDYS holiday in cambodia
04. IGOR STRAVINSKY the rite of spring (overture)
05. RICHARD WAGNER tannhäuser (overture)
06. THE BEATLES love me do
07. ELASTICA carsong
08. MINOR THEAT out of step
09. PIL socialist
10. BOB MARLEY so much trouble in the world

liam gillick

01. WORKSHOP the house of marvick
02. LEADBELLY bourgeois blues
03. JACQUES BREL le plat pays
04. AUGUSTUS PABLO king tubby meets rockers uptown
05. CLOSER MUSIK maria
07. DEAN REED somos los revolucionares
08. DENNIS BROWN black magic woman
09. THE DURUTTI COLUMN sketch for summer
10. NEU! hallogallo

carsten nicolai

01. JOHNNY CASH hurt
02. CLIFF MARTINEZ don’t blow it
03. APHEX TWIN avril 14th
04. COIL broccoli
05. NEW ORDER elegia
06. BLIXA BARGELD somewhere over the rainbow
07. BJORK venus as a boy
08. PHILIP GLASS kuru field of justice
09. DAVID BOWIE subterraneans
10. NINA SIMONE here comes the sun

beat streuli

01. WEEN baby bitch
02. WEEN spinal meningitis (got me down)
03. WEEN i can’t put my finger on it
04. WEEN mister, would you please help my pony
05. WEEN buenas tardes amigo
06. WEEN the h.i.v. song
07. WEEN it’s gonna be (alright)
08. WEEN waving my dick in the wind
09. WEEN piss up a rope
10. WEEN fluffy


“moi je dirais la chanson “Aie confiance” d’un serpent dans un dessin anime de Walt Disney, Cold turkey de John Lennon, Où sont tous mes amants de Frehel l’album de John Lennon “Mother” (1970?), pour le cote simple, écorché et hurlé – le rap du premier CD des rappeurs Ghetto Boys (1990?) pour les paroles archi sadiennes – le rap de Two live crew ( 1993?) pour le truc juste boite a rythme apparemment pourrie et paroles qui se limitent a “fuck you bitch” pendant dix minutes. L’album de Lisa Suckdog “Drugs are nice” (1989?) Des tonnes de trucs noise et bizarres underground. Mickael Jackson + Prince. Francis Cabrel – les chansons de Frehel ( 1920? ) Où sont tous mes amants, Mon mâle, la CocoNe me quitte pas de Brel – et certaines chansons de Jean-Louis Costes ! – + UNE PYGMEE QUI CHANTAIT AU FOND DE LA FORET AU CONGO. BON CA VOUS DONNE PAS LES TITRES PARCE QUE JE ME SOUVIENS PAS DES TITRES, MAIS DISONS DES TRUCS QUI M’ONT MARQUÉ : LA VARIÉTÉ EXPRESSIONNISTE, LA POP DU DÉBUT, LE RAP DU DÉBUT, L’INDUSTRIEL DU DÉBUT, LA NOISE DU DÉBUT, LA TECHNO DU DÉBUT, TOUTES LES MUSIQUES QUI NAISSENT ET QUI DÉCHIRENT LA TÊTE ”

Jean-Louis Costes 2012


01. LEE SCRATCH PERRY enter the dragon
02. ELECTRELANE the valleys
03. SPACEMEN 3 hey man
04. ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS good times
05. FUTURE ISLANDS close to none
06. HEINRICH DRESSEL porticus aemilia
07. OMAR S here’s your trance, now dance !
08. THE PIXIES brick is red
09. SERGE GAINSBOURG javanaise remake (dub)
10. .JS BACH prelude and fugue in A minor – BWV 543


01. GEORGES BRASSENS la mauvaise réputation
02. GEORGES BRASSENS celui qui a mal tourné
03. EDITH PIAF l’accordéoniste
04. EDITH PIAF non, je ne regrette rien
05. BARBARA dis, quand reviendras-tu ?
07. BILL HALEY rock around the clock
08. JACQUES BREL ne me quitte pas
09. THE BEATLES she loves you
10. YVES MONTAND les feuilles mortes


01. A$AP ROCKY leaf
02. LLOYD pusha feat. lil wayne
03. NOTORIOUS BIG ready to die
04. LEONARD COHEN hey, that’s no way to say goodbye
05. BURZUM belus’ tilbakekomst (konklusion)
06. GEORG FRIEDRICH HAENDEL lascia ch’io pianga (sung by cecilia bartoli)
07. BOB DYLAN in my time of dying
08. JOHN COLTRANE africa
09. KING CRIMSON earthbound (live)
10. CONTROLLED BLEEDING swallowing scrap metal n0.9


01. THE WEEKND the morning
02. ANTHONY AND THE JOHNSONS fistful of love
02. CLIPSE we got it for cheap (intro)
03. BILL CALLAHAN too many birds
04. KID CUDI pursuit of happiness
06. DRAKE crew love
07. BON IVER flume (daytrotter session)
08. LIL WAYNE shooter
10. THE KNIFE heartbeats


01. RANDY CRAWFORD one day i’ll fly away
02. ADRIANO CELENTANO l’emozione non ha voce
03. FREDERIC CHOPIN piano concerto n°2, larghetto
04. PUFF DADDY come with me
05. GIL SCOTT HERON on coming from a broken home pt.1
06. PAOLO CONTE via con me
07. FRANCOISE HARDY mon amie la rose
08. ELVIS PRESLEY  in the ghetto
09. SERGE GAINSBOURG ballade de melody nelson
10. APHEX TWIN come to daddy


01. DEAN MARTIN & RICKY NELSON my rifle, my pony, and me
02. MONA BAPTISTE calypso blues
03. TINA TURNER i can’t stand the rain
04. VIVIEN SAVAGE la p’tite lady
05. ICE T funky gripsta
06. SLY & FAMILY STONE if you want me to stay
07. KINDNESS swinging party
08. JOAKIM teenage kiss
09. MICKEY MOONLIGHT coming home again
10.  WALTER SCHUMANN pearl’s dream


01. THEM baby please don’t go (feat. van morrison)
02. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART autumn’s child
03. SUICIDE shadazz
04. WIRE i am the fly
05. NEU hallogallo
06. JAPAN sons of pioneers
07. CHRISTOPHE un peu menteur
08. KRAFTWERK it’s more fun to compute
09. MARVIN GAYE that’s the way love is
10. CHEVEU no birds


01. DIMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH seven romances on verses by alexander blok
03. HATEBREED destroy everything
04. MADBALL invigorate
05. THE ROLLING STONES mamma’s little helper
06. CLAUDE FRANCOIS quand un bateau passe
07. NICK CAVE the good son
08. SLAYER seasons in the abyss
09. ARNO les yeux de ma mère
10. ALAIN BASHUNG comme un lego

cory arcangel

CROSBY STILLS NASH & YOUNG  teach your children
CROSBY STILLS NASH & YOUNG almost cut my hair
CROSBY STILLS NASH & YOUNG everybody i love you


01. IGOR STRAVINSKY the rite of spring
02. THE BEATLES sgt. pepper
03. LEONARD COHEN the sisters of mercy
04. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART electricity
05. VELVET UNDERGROUND venus in furs
06. NICO my only child
07. LOVE alone again or
08. PINK FLOYD astronomy domine
09. JIMI HENDRIX purple haze
10. BOB DYLAN the times they are a-changin

cyprien gaillard

01. PIL radio 4
02. SALEM hound
03. FRANZ SCHUBERT impromptu 3 in G flat
04. KOUDLAM brothers
05. THE JAM going underground
06. JOY DIVISION atmosphere
07. DARK COMEDY without a sound
08. THIS MORTAL COIL kangaroo
09. DAVID BOWIE  silly boy blue
10. THE CLASH sean flynn

elmgreen & dragset

01. BRIGHT EYES at the bottom of everything
02. NINA SIMONE i wish i knew how it would feel to be free
03. ASIA TODAY rio superhero
04. HIDDEN CAMERAS walk on
05. VIOLENT FEMMES gone daddy gone
06. JUSTICE VS SIMIAN we are your friends
07. JELLO BIAFRA that’s progress
08. BJORN SVIN mer strøm
09. TUNE YARDS gangsta
10. GEORGES APERGHIS récitations for voice solo: 6. (donatienne michel-dansac)

gary hill

01. LEON RUSSELL a song for you
02. THE GRATEFUL DEAD attics of my life
03. LE MYSTERE DES VOIX BULGARES polegnala e todora
04. BOB DYLAN hey mr. tambourine man
05. JOHN LENNON love
06. DONOVAN season of the witch
07. MOBY GRAPE sitting by the window
08. EDGAR VARESE density 21.5
09. CROSBY, STILLS & NASH wooden ships
10. ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS knockin’ on heaven’s door


01. PITA get out track 3
02. KHANATE too close enough to touch
03. SUNNO))) bass aliens
04. KATE BUSH army dreamers
05. WHITEHOUSE the one hundred and fifty murderous passions
06. T.AT.U. all the things she said
08. CORRUPTED el mundo frio
09. COIL tainted love
10. KTL theme

hans ulrich obrist

01. andreas scholl  amen aria
02. tom waits  somewhere
03. jeff buckley  corpus christi carol
04. jessye norman  september (from richard strauss’s vier letzte lieder)
05. john cage   4’33”
06. joy division  love will tear us apart
07. june tabor  love will tear us apart
08. leonard cohen  hallelujah
09. feist  1234
10. battles  tonto


01. JONATHAN RICHMAN i’m straight
02. SUICIDE cheree
03. THE FALL paintwork
04. THE RAPTURE house of jealous lovers
05. CAN i’m so green
06. LEONARD COHEN famous blue raincoat
07. DAVID BOWIE fame
08. A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS space age love song
10. NYCC CHOIR stand on the word
11. LOOSE JOINTS is it all over my face
12. BIRTHDAY PARTY nick the stripper
13. THE BEATLES tomorrow never knows
14. KRAFTWERK computer world
15. ROBERTA FLACK the first time ever i saw your face


01. JOHNNY THUNDERS  ask me no questions
02. PIL religion
03. VELVET UNDERGROUND rock and roll
04. VAN MORRISON in the garden
05. ROKY ERICKSON two headed dog
06. ALBERT AYLER music is the healing force of the universe
07. NICO heroes
08. JOHN CALE honni soit
09. PERE UBU we have the technology
10. ALAN VEGA jukebox babe

jim shaw

 I am having a hard time wheedling this down to 10 tracks, so I’ll just keep going and you can stop the tracks at 10. I will also include a brief description of each song and why or how it saved/saves my life. Some of the choices are affected by the technology change of cds, since, for instance, the best Kate Bush cuts are on vinyl, a medium I have only lowfi access to,  and this changes my relationship to them.

01. PROKOFIEV piano concerto #3
This was, along with The Rite of Spring, my favorite classical piece as a kid, and the ecstatic nature of the piano climaxes are a sometimes lifesaving element that edges out Rite in personal terms, even though it is less important in historical terms.

02. UTE LEMPER lullaby
This whole list could be all Scott Walker compositions, and this choice could just as easily be Scope J, also written and produced by him for Lemper. The combination of his late structural approach, layering of orchestral and electronic elements, great melodic moments and Lemper’s strong emotive delivery make this the unfortunately only choice of his great ouvre that I can fit into a list of 10 tracks.

03. JOHN FAHEY america
Again a whole list could be made from Fahey tracks, I chose this one due to the delirious hotdogging guitar work he allows himself. Usually his guitar stays on the spare side, and any other song off his first 4 Takoma albums could take it’s place. (not the long version that’s on the album called America, but a shorter version, can’t remember the album title).

04. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND i heard her call my name
Simply the greatest guitar solo in all of rock’n’roll, along with representing all the great other stuff the Velvets and members (Nico, John Cale) produced over the years.

05. KARL DENVER TRIO whimoweh
Possibly the most insane vocal ever featured on a hit record, it made me want to do everything I could with my voice. Oddly, though it was his first, and I believe biggest hit in England, the rest of the recordings are much tamer, rarely going into the stratospheric realms he achieves on this cut.

These guys became my favorite psychedelic band among many in high school, and this album (The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter), unmarred by any of their bad comedy songs, is a jewel that I think was as precisely timed for leaving childhood as the Beatles were 3 years earlier for entering adolescence.

07. ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN my kingdom
Not as great an album as Heaven Up Here, this song as a single slice of post-punk melodic pop is actually uplifting. The Bunnymen are here standing in for all the music of that era (Wire, Magazine, Fall, Kate Bush etc.) that I think of as the end of my adolescent angst (I was entering my 30s, after all).

08. YES siberian khatru
I can’t leave the 70s without including at least one Prog tune, so it rests upon the shoulders of this composition that combines delirious guitar riffs with pseudo classical bridges in a form that straddles pop song and pretension in a near perfect form. It beats out Gates of Delerium, or Karneval 9 or any Steve Hackett climactic guitar as the prog rep on this short list.

09. KING PLEASURE diaper
All of jazz is hereby represented by this obscure cut by Pleasure- The lyrics are so inventive and the delivery perfect, the Freudian elements strewn throughout, I listen a lot more to Sun Ra or On the Corner by Miles Davis, but this is for sure a song! ( on the cd I have there are 2 versions, one with sappy strings, and the original with less orchestration that is the superior version).

10. HOMER QUINCY SMITH i want jesus to talk with me
This ancient 78 has the most intensity of feeling melody and delivery of any of the myriad stellar 20’s gospel and blues recordings we have been blessed with in the years since the rerelease of the Harry Smith compilation, and it stands in for what amounts to the bulk of my listening  recent years, compilations of American Primitive and World ethnographic recordings like the Secret Museum series.

Here are some more that should not be left out but had to be :

The Weaver and the Factory Maid by Steeleye Span, The Famous Flower of Serving Men by Martin Carthy, 2 great English folk recordings that always bring me to tears, I Must Be Born by Bobby Brown,  a socal street performer who lived in his van, made his own instruments, had his own psychedelic theology and a killer voice, A Rainbow In Curved Air by Terry Riley, I lost my virginity to this cut, though I prefer the flip side, From The Bottom of My Heart by the Moody Blues, the follow up to Go Now, with a doomy feel and a maniacally great ending vocal, Have I the Right/ by the Honeycombs, my favorite song in 7th grade, Time Was by Canned Heat, I was more affected by Alan Wilson’s death than by the surrounding deaths of Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin, he was like me an ubernerd whose brief recorded output should be re-examined, Wonderful by the Beach Boys, though they recorded as lot of wonderful sad music during Brian’s great madness (Cabinessence, Friends, sail on sailor, etc.0 I chose this as I sing it every night to my daughter, Out In The Streets by the Stooges, just heir greatest cut ever, and the one band I can remember at every pop festival or Michigan concert I attended, Interval by SRC, the third leg of the Michigan triad with the Stooges and MC5, a great winding circle of a song with great guitar,  Section 43 by Country Joe and the Fish, the climax of a great album that attempted to put the psychedelic experience on record, using minimal means, great moments of silence said a lot in those days, Lumpy Gravy side one, by Frank Zappa, veteran’s Da Poppy by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, my friends were obeisant to Zappa in all things, and I guaranteed one that if he didn’t like this interesting album on Zappa’s label, I’d buy it from him. Something changed in me, Evenings of Light by Nico, another game changer, PumPum on a String by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, an early reggay (as it was spelled on the cover) album my dad brought home from a convention in Toronto where they were playing in the hotel-I didn’t know what to make of the primitive sounds and out of date cover art, but this song with it’s melody taken from The Little Drummer Boy, lyrics about pussy and strings that don’t fit the song in any way was something entirely strange, Needles In The Camels Eye by Eno, the breaks in this song that consist of silences gave me the idea that I could also make some kind of music,Some cut by Hans Reichel or Fred Frith, these, along with the purchase of an early guitar synthesizer and a used echoplex informed my guitar work, for what that’s worth,  Song forRejoicing After a Hunt by the Ba-Benzele pygmies, simply the greatest musical society on earth,  The Morning Bell by Radiohead, just to show my musical Synapses didn’t completely dry up in 1983, though I think that most of our emotive ties to music are made in adolescence, Brunceling’s Song by the Fatima Mansions, every time I tell someone they are one of my favorite bands, if they’ve heard of them, they look at me like I’m crazy, and to prove I’m still an ubernerd, Space Dog by Tori Amos, what can I say, I’m a sucker for melody and a strong voice. Oh yes, the Beatles and the Byrds had a lot of resonant songs.

Jim Shaw, 2012


01. YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS searching for mr right
02. JOY DIVISION she’s lost control
03. TAXI GIRL cherchez le garçon (solitaire)
04. ROXY MUSIC in every dream home a heartache
05. ALFRED DELLER in darkness let me dwell
06. WIRE map ref. 41°n93°w
07. THROBBING GRISTLE hot on the heels of love
08. SONIC YOUTH shadow of a doubt
09. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND pale blue eyes
10. THE RONETTES paradise

peter shapiro

01. CHIC good times
02. BAD BRAINS pay to cum
04. FONDA RAE over like a fat rat
05. THE STOOGES 1969
07. AL GREEN have you been making out OK
08. LOKETO super k
10. BARBARA STREISAND & NEIL DIAMOND you don’t bring me flowers

rachid ouramdane

01. PJ HARVEY to bring you my love
02. BACH passacaglia
03. DOMINIQUE A le courage des oiseaux
04. NINA SIMONE wild is the wind
05. NICK CAVE into my arms
06. PERGOLESE stabat mater dolorosa
07. CAT POWER in this hole
08. THE DOORS the end
09. THE SMITHS there is a light
10. PATTI SMITH because the night

01. RAMMSTEIN amerika
02. BLACK FLAG no value
03. RIK L RIK i got power
04. DAVID BOWIE ziggy stardust
05. OASIS supersonic
06. GANG OF FOUR anthrax
07. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD everywhere i go
08. JOY DIVISION dead souls
09. SUEDE animal nitrate
10. FLIPPER ha ha ha


01. OTIS REDDING these arms of mine
02. THE REPLACEMENTS left of dial
03. DREAM SYNDICATE tell me when it’s over
04. X the unheard music
05. MAMAS & PAPAS california dreaming
07. ELVIS PRESLEY blue moon
08. GALAXIE 500 blue thunder
09. WARREN G regulate
10. SAM COOKE sad mood
11. JONATHAN RICHMAN parties in the USA
12. TOM PETTY free fallin’

sylvie fleury

PSYCHIC TV white nights
THE PIN UPS looking for boys
SOCIAL DISTORSION i’m in love with my car
JACQUELINE TAIEB 7 heures du matin
DENIM i will cry at christmas
THE GREEN HORNS there’s an end
WARREN SMITH red cadillac and black moustache
JOE MEEK i hear a new world

ugo rondinone

01. BRAINTICKET brainticket
02. ARTHUR RUSSEL this is how we walk on the moon
03. BAHAUS bela lugosi’s dead
04. THE SMITHS how soon is now ?
06. US SAUCER scold mourner
07. LOW lullaby
08. ARVO PART spiegel im spiegel
09. JOHANN JOHANNSSON  odi & amo
10. TRESPASSERS WILLIAM different stars

tatianna trouvé

JOHN COOPER CLARKE chickentown 2
JIMI HENDRIX may this be love
STEELY DAN dirty work
BRIAN ENO i’ll come running
JJ CALE after midnight
MIKE PATTON & JOHN ZORN the ballad of hank mc cain
MINA la voce del silenzio
ANN PEEBLES i can’t stand the rain