robert wyatt

01. LES DOUBLE SIX sweets
02. LES DOUBLE SIX naima
03. LES DOUBLE SIX westwood walk
04. LES DOUBLE SIX a night in tunisia
05. LES DOUBLE SIX a ballad
06. LES DOUBLE SIX scrapple from the apple
07. LES DOUBLE SIX boplicity
08. LES DOUBLE SIX moanin’
09. LES DOUBLE SIX fascinating rythm
10. LES DOUBLE SIX walkin’ (un tour au bois)

“ to emphasise their importance, i’m suggesting ten tracks from one record: LES DOUBLE SIX ( on bmg france/rcaVictor) i leave them in the correct sequence . These are on ac cd  re-issue of two original lps. the rhythm sections include  daniel humair [drums] and georges avanitas [piano].

mimi perrin  and her friends  digested what was already great instrumental music  and  found the human voice  inside. it had been done before  and has been done since.but les double six,with their comprehensive thoroughness, epitomise this craft at its inspiring (to me) peak.

i know perfectly well that younger people will find my list anachronistic: but it illustrates  that  fifty years ago, before Lennon et all the cultural cross-traffic between  england  and the continent was a much more two-way traffic.  some of us turned at least as much to paris as to the united states,for example . . . . .(particularly in art and philosophy of course).

(clint eastwood once said the united states had made but two real contributions to world culture: [western] films  and jazz.[actually his son kyle is a very good jazz musician i think-] but since  other countries have produced films at least as excellent as the u.s., that just leaves jazz ! anyway. . . .i just wanted to remind myself of the brilliant inspiration that was  mimi p – – –

it’s not just nostalgia[though that’s part of it of course]- i am still stunned by  6+6′s disciplined chutzpa!

Salam! robert Y@ ”